People. Leadership. Organization.

Our Vision

Sucherman launched as a new kind of advisory firm with a simple mission: give our clients real plans based on actual experience and on-the-ground insight.

As a result, our relationships continue for years, even decades.

Long considered the go-to partner for leading entertainment and media companies, Sucherman now collaborates with a wide range of companies at the intersection of content and commerce. We enable businesses to thrive by:

  • Understanding the landscape
  • Cultivating top talent
  • Developing an organization’s optimal people strategy

Our services deliver results regardless of our clients’ products or revenue models.

  • We help our clients navigate continual disruption, new entrants, and shifting consumer expectations.
  • We understand that the right talent, leadership development strategies and organizational structure are critical to success in today’s dynamic, technology- and story-driven environment.

Our clients range from media giants to tech leaders to sports brands, including:

When it comes to giving advice on business strategy or personnel issues, nobody has the insights, the network or the integrity of Sucherman.

Jeff Zucker
FORMER CHAIRMAN, WarnerMedia News and Sports
& PRESIDENT, CNN Worldwide